Nutcracker Portrait - Per Image


Nutcracker Portrait - Per Image


Charlotte Mandrier Photography (now Mischief & Mister) returns to the Sebastopol Ballet for Nutcracker Portraits!

In order to add clarity and efficiency to our process, this year we are moving to a pre-purchase model. Please purchase one ticket for each photo that you wish for your child to participate in. We highly recommend making your purchases online in advance of picture day. Please place your order no later than this Sunday November 18th to ensure that we have your tickets printed in advance, and that we can ensure that your child appears in the photos that you desire.

Each ticket includes one portrait sitting, as well as a full resolution digital image, print release, and a product credit for a 5x7 print.

Please purchase one ticket for each photo your child will participate in, whether it is an individual, group, sibling, headshot etc. If you are purchasing for multiple dancers, please check out separately for each dancer.

As an example, if your child is in one dance, and you would like them to appear in an individual and group portrait, you would need to purchase two tickets. Conversely, if your child appears in multiple dances, but only wants an individual portrait in an individual costume, you would purchase one ticket.

Tickets will be available for pick up when you arrive for picture day, and each child will be asked to hand in one ticket for each time that they step in front of the camera. This system will allow us to email you your photos directly.

Digital images will be emailed directly to portrait ticket holders as soon as they are available, and are included in each ticket price. Additional prints will be available for purchase afterwards, at a reduced rate from previous years to reflect the advance purchase.

We hope that by moving to this system, we streamline the process for all families, and ensure that each student poses for the portraits that their parents wish for them to appear in.

If you have any questions as to how to proceed, please email Charlotte at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Add To Cart

Please use the drop down menu to select the number of portrait tickets you wish to purchase. On the following screen you will be able to designate which images you would like. i.e. “two tickets - one individual party girl, and one group image with the party girls and party boys.”