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Oh my momma heart! Revisiting not-so-old pictures and memories

Charlotte Mandrier

My (now 2.5 yr old) on her first birthday

My (now 2.5 yr old) on her first birthday

Hello Friends! Charlotte here! After a two week long rain delay, our Peach Blossom sessions are all wrapped up, and oh. my. goodness! What a dream they were! A gorgeous orchard filled with pink peach blossoms, perfect light, beautiful families, and I kid you not - zero meltdowns from anyone! (myself included, ha!) I will be sure to come back and share the finished results, but as always, my clients get to see them first!

Behind the scenes, we have also been busy updating our studio samples with new heirloom linen albums, buttery-smooth canvas and gorgeous frames. To this end, I’ve been scouring my collection looking for just the right images for each sample. I came across this image (above) of my daughter (‘Miss-chief’) and my husband (‘Mister’) which stopped me in my tracks. This was, to the day, 18 months prior and she looks so different now! She’s got long hair, and bangs. She’s speaking in sentences, and she is all kid! Where did my baby go!? As a first time parent, I wouldn’t say I’ve taken her first years for granted, but seeing this photo really articulates the monumental difference between a one year old and two year old. Having not yet experienced this feeling until now, I can’t say that this has been my ‘why,’ but it sure is now!

It’s amazing to me that a year ago this was just another photo in my collection, and now seeing her baby hair, and baby cheeks, and her chubby little baby hands means everything to me!

On that note, I’m off to get this gem printed for my wall! Happy spring! <3 Charlotte