Heirloom Round Canvas

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How cute are these wooden rings? Available in sets of three, they make a perfect wall display for an entry way or craft room. Made with traditional heavyweight canvas, these beautiful rings will last for generations. To learn more about these and other unique ways to display your family photos, contact us!

How to have a meltdown free session

Charlotte Mandrier

Behind the scenes toddler bribery

Behind the scenes toddler bribery

Ohhhh toddlers. Cutest stage to capture, and least likely to cooperate. In fact, the more they sense your parental desperation, the less likely they are to cooperate. #momfacts So of course, the thought of a photo session (the drive there! the nice outfits! the attention!) can make a lot of us anxious.

Fear not, friends! Here’s our best advice for a successful session:

Day before your session:

  • Select and set aside everyone’s outfit(s) in advance. A calm preparation and departure is the best way to set up a successful session.

  • Sneak a few snacks/drinks in your bag. Tell no one. Secret surprise snacks can save a session.

  • What kind of snacks? The good stuff! We’re talking honest to goodness real actual cookies. Not the generic fig newtons that you call ‘cookies.’ Real cookies. Or whatever it is that your child loves, and that you’re willing to feed them. Extra credit if it’s something that won’t stain or get messy.

  • Please also pack toys/pacies/babas or anything that your child might want. If you want to get strategic, make sure the ones you bring are in neutral colors or ones that you won’t mind having in the photos if they refuse to let them go.

Day of your session:

Make sure your child is:

  • Well rested

  • Well fed

  • Well connected with you

As adults, when we have somewhere to be, we tend to pour our energy in to preparations. Without being able to envision what you are preparing for, young children can often feel a disconnect with you, which is where anxiety (and meltdowns) can come in!

It can be so hard to slow down (especially before a big event!) but its so important to take the time with your child and connect. Make eye contact, talk, hug, touch, give them your full attention.

The stronger your connection is before the session, the more your connection will show on camera.

And if it all fails, there’s that secret stash of candy in your bag…



Oh my momma heart! Revisiting not-so-old pictures and memories

Charlotte Mandrier

My (now 2.5 yr old) on her first birthday

My (now 2.5 yr old) on her first birthday

Hello Friends! Charlotte here! After a two week long rain delay, our Peach Blossom sessions are all wrapped up, and oh. my. goodness! What a dream they were! A gorgeous orchard filled with pink peach blossoms, perfect light, beautiful families, and I kid you not - zero meltdowns from anyone! (myself included, ha!) I will be sure to come back and share the finished results, but as always, my clients get to see them first!

Behind the scenes, we have also been busy updating our studio samples with new heirloom linen albums, buttery-smooth canvas and gorgeous frames. To this end, I’ve been scouring my collection looking for just the right images for each sample. I came across this image (above) of my daughter (‘Miss-chief’) and my husband (‘Mister’) which stopped me in my tracks. This was, to the day, 18 months prior and she looks so different now! She’s got long hair, and bangs. She’s speaking in sentences, and she is all kid! Where did my baby go!? As a first time parent, I wouldn’t say I’ve taken her first years for granted, but seeing this photo really articulates the monumental difference between a one year old and two year old. Having not yet experienced this feeling until now, I can’t say that this has been my ‘why,’ but it sure is now!

It’s amazing to me that a year ago this was just another photo in my collection, and now seeing her baby hair, and baby cheeks, and her chubby little baby hands means everything to me!

On that note, I’m off to get this gem printed for my wall! Happy spring! <3 Charlotte

It's Fall!

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is it just us, or did summer fly by? our first round of fall petite sessions wrapped up this past saturday, but there’s still plenty of time to get your photos done for the holiday season! we just added two new dates for our fall petite sessions, click on the photo above for the booking link! and keep your eyes peeled! next monday (a week from today) we’ll be announcing sessions at a local christmas tree farm! eek!

Just Added - Petite Sessions!

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In case you haven't heard, we just added petite sessions to our booking page! Typically available on Friday evenings, petite sessions are 20 minute sessions perfect for a family photo refresh or milestone session. For more information, head over to our investment page

Accepted to the National Association of Professional Child Photographers!

Charlotte Mandrier

Hi everyone! Charlotte here! So excited to share my acceptance in to the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. My recent nomination for Best New Emerging Child Photographer emboldened me to apply to this organization just a bit sooner than I was planning to, and I am so completely thrilled to share my acceptance! More info and updates coming soon, but wanted to share this exciting news before the upcoming holiday! -Charlotte  

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled mischief making! 

Join us on Instagram

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guess what we bought today!? 🙊🙊🙊 #bubblesfordays

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Guess what? We're now on Instagram and we'd love to have you join us for beautiful pics and fun behind the scenes info. If you're following us on there, then you already heard that we got a BUBBLE MACHINE this weekend! BUBBLE. MACHINE. We're so excited. Good things happen when we go to Target unsupervised. Good things. If you wanna see what else we're up to, head on over to Instagram! 

What is a Pop Up Session?

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Are you wondering what our Pop Up Sessions might look like?

A Pop Up Session is a petite session and a family activity rolled in to one. We will be offering a just a small handful of these special events throughout the year. The types and locations of these sessions will vary, but each will have a seasonal theme. 

Some of our Pop Up Sessions will be booked by time slot, just like a traditional session. Other Pop Up Sessions will be a little more informal, with (get this!) walk in time windows! We are super excited to offer these.

With just a handful of Pop Up Sessions offered each year, we expect these bookings to go fast!

Want a hint what our next Pop Up Session will be? It'll involve staying up just a litttttle past bed time (you'll still be home before dark!) and for those who register in advance, you will receive a gorgeous folio in any one of these gorgeous summer linen colors! 

Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to get pricing and pre-registration info! 


once upon a time

Charlotte Mandrier


Once upon a time... in a little town called Healdsburg California... we started a portrait photography service for parents of mischievous children called Mischief & Mister.

We started Mischief & Mister so that parents could experience relaxing, stress-free, expectation-free, fun portrait sessions. And so they could come away with gorgeous family portraits to enjoy now, and for years to come. 

Our story is just getting started, we hope you'll join us to see what happens next.