What is a Pop Up Session?

Are you wondering what our Pop Up Sessions might look like?

A Pop Up Session is a petite session and a family activity rolled in to one. We will be offering a just a small handful of these special events throughout the year. The types and locations of these sessions will vary, but each will have a seasonal theme. 

Some of our Pop Up Sessions will be booked by time slot, just like a traditional session. Other Pop Up Sessions will be a little more informal, with (get this!) walk in time windows! We are super excited to offer these.

With just a handful of Pop Up Sessions offered each year, we expect these bookings to go fast!

Want a hint what our next Pop Up Session will be? It'll involve staying up just a litttttle past bed time (you'll still be home before dark!) and for those who register in advance, you will receive a gorgeous folio in any one of these gorgeous summer linen colors! 

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