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Just Added - Petite Sessions!

Charlotte Mandrier


In case you haven't heard, we just added petite sessions to our booking page! Typically available on Friday evenings, petite sessions are 20 minute sessions perfect for a family photo refresh or milestone session. For more information, head over to our investment page

Join us on Instagram

Charlotte Mandrier

guess what we bought today!? 🙊🙊🙊 #bubblesfordays

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Guess what? We're now on Instagram and we'd love to have you join us for beautiful pics and fun behind the scenes info. If you're following us on there, then you already heard that we got a BUBBLE MACHINE this weekend! BUBBLE. MACHINE. We're so excited. Good things happen when we go to Target unsupervised. Good things. If you wanna see what else we're up to, head on over to Instagram! 

What is a Pop Up Session?

Charlotte Mandrier

Are you wondering what our Pop Up Sessions might look like?

A Pop Up Session is a petite session and a family activity rolled in to one. We will be offering a just a small handful of these special events throughout the year. The types and locations of these sessions will vary, but each will have a seasonal theme. 

Some of our Pop Up Sessions will be booked by time slot, just like a traditional session. Other Pop Up Sessions will be a little more informal, with (get this!) walk in time windows! We are super excited to offer these.

With just a handful of Pop Up Sessions offered each year, we expect these bookings to go fast!

Want a hint what our next Pop Up Session will be? It'll involve staying up just a litttttle past bed time (you'll still be home before dark!) and for those who register in advance, you will receive a gorgeous folio in any one of these gorgeous summer linen colors! 

Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to get pricing and pre-registration info! 


once upon a time

Charlotte Mandrier


Once upon a time... in a little town called Healdsburg California... we started a portrait photography service for parents of mischievous children called Mischief & Mister.

We started Mischief & Mister so that parents could experience relaxing, stress-free, expectation-free, fun portrait sessions. And so they could come away with gorgeous family portraits to enjoy now, and for years to come. 

Our story is just getting started, we hope you'll join us to see what happens next.